Whether you have a missing tooth or issues with improperly fitting dentures, Dr. Dowden and his staff can help! We offer implants as a permanent solution to your dental problem. We have over 30 years of experience and work hard to stay up to date with the latest trends and technology.

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Dental implants are fixed to the bone and therefore create stability that cannot be found when using dentures or conventional bridges.


You'll have a stronger biting force and also look and feel more natural when you choose implants over other dental options. The procedure does not compromise the health of your surrounding natural teeth and is virtually painless.

Advantages of implants

In order to determine if dental implants are a viable option, you'll have to undergo an evaluation. During this evaluation it will be determined if you have enough bone to properly support an implant. With the help of your periodontist, you will then determine if you would like to move forward with the procedure. We can also help you with other periodontal needs.

Are implants an option for me?

Dental implants are inserted while you are under local anesthesia and patients generally experience little to no discomfort afterward. With proper oral care and hygiene, implants are made to last a lifetime.

Ease your nerves regarding the procedure

Restore the look of your teeth with implants

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